Monday, February 4, 2013

First official 'school day'...

So today was the first official day back at school for WA kids.

We went to Adventure World.

It was amazing! My little ones were in day care, so it was just me and the 2 big boys and Aunty Tammi.

They had a great day, and I had a great day!! We hadn't been before so it was very exciting. Made sure we picked up the return passes on the way out to save some $$ when we go again on the 17th.

Just to make sure we did some official school work, here is our new number charts. The picture speaks for itself really. Every day we'll do a new number :)

I love how Chase attempted the negative numbers, even though we haven't touched it yet. It was wrong, but it was a wonderful try. I remember last year, there was no way he'd even attempt something like that. He'd just say "I don't know" and leave it. So I'm happy with this. 

Tomorrow we have a couple of worksheets organised, an experiment with an egg and some vinegar, and we also have Monopoly to play :) Can't wait.

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