Thursday, January 31, 2013

February is... social media free month...

Who the hell am I kidding? No Facebook and Instagram for a whole month? No way, I'd die.

I do have a February pledge though. It is as follows.

From the first of February until the twentyei..... hold on... yes twenty eighth of February (I totally had to check for a leap year) I will not be on social media between the hours of kids awake and kids asleep.

This means that I shall pop in to say "I'm ALIVE!" but I shall only do it when the sweet darling children are sleeping.

I really do spend too much time on Facebook. Really. Tonight, 2 hours disappeared  How does that happen? I sit down to say a quick hello to someone, and 2 hours later I realise that I haven't done anything I was supposed to do and now it's bed time!

Also, while I do a lot with the kids, I do feel that the 3 hours I've spent on Facebook during the day (yes all those 20 minute blocks add up fast) could have been better spent reading a book, or playing a board game, or even pegging out the washing!

Will I go crazy? Yes, I'm sure the first week will be hard. Will I miss all my imaginary friends? Of course! Will the kids love 'complete and full attention from mummy' time? Yup! Will my house be cleaner? I'd almost bet on it!

I'm anxiously excited about this challenge!

And who knows, by the twenty eighth of February I might be totally cured from my Facebook and Instagram habits :)

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