Sunday, February 10, 2013

Diving in head first

So this week has been crazy busy!! It's seriously felt like a month, it's been that full on!

It started with Adventure World for Monday, Wednesday was Jaidan's 9th birthday and we went to Perth Mint and the museum, Thursday we went to K9 Dog Rescue and Friday we had our first Peel home school activities day! So I better start at the beginning.

Wednesday was amazing. My baby turned 9. I can't believe he is 9 years old. He's so sweet and innocent still, and seems so much younger than 9. That's what I love about him. He's kind and compassionate, affectionate and just all round amazing. We went bowling for his birthday at the end of January, so it was fairy low key that day. In the morning, he woke up and opened his present which was a new 3DS XL. Something he'd been wanting since it first came out. I also made him a Minecraft card, which I coloured in myself, as he loves Minecraft so much! I knew he'd love it, and he did. The present though was the best bit. So his face here says it all really.

Then we got to spend some time with Aunty Tammi, she bought him a platinum edition of Monopoly, his new favourite game. He was thrilled and asks every day if we can play. Monopoly is a fantastic game for maths, strategy, working together and losing gracefully when you play against mum.

Then we headed off on the train to meet the other Peel homeschool families at Perth Mint! We were running late due to my complete lack of knowledge of getting around Perth on foot but we made it in time to see the gold pour. This was great! The kids thought it was amazing, seeing a mad melt and pour a full gold bar right in front of them. It was pretty special. Sadly, because of the massive amounts of gold and precious metals in the place, you cannot take photos inside so I couldn't get a photo of it.

We then headed to the museum! On the way we stopped and played in the nature area. We were also lucky enough to meet a lovely man playing the hang which is a beautiful and rare musical instrument. It was so beautiful and he let the kids have a play and taught them how to hit it with their thumbs. I love that our kids learn so much while we are out and about. Here are our home schoolers doing what home schoolers do best. Exploring the world around them with their friends!

When we finally got to the museum the boys got to explore and play in the bottom level. We didn't venture up to the next level because we ran out of time, however Jaidan did get to hold a spiny leaf insect which was pretty special. Chase didn't want to, he is much like me with the dislike for insects.

Once we'd gotten home, Jaidan declared that it was the best day of his life.

I'd previously organised a trip to the K9 Dog Rescue in Mandurah for the home ed kids in the area, but it had been cancelled due to my car troubles, so finally we were able to go on Thursday. It was great. The kids learnt a lot, why the dogs are there, how long they are there for, the different types of dogs. They got to meet 2 of the dogs who were living there, Bella and Moxie. Both dogs were amazing with the kids, and if I was allowed I would have taken them both home. Even though Bella was a breed I would never have considered before. The kids were all over her, cuddling her and pulling her tail, chasing her around the exercise area. Here she is shaking hands. Isn't she gorgeous?

It was great too that they handed out take home packs, with a lot of information on Oscars Law and not supporting pet shops who sell live pets. Yay! This is something I've recently become aware of, and am now an advocate and a voice where there wasn't one before. As someone who bought Gizmo from a backyard breeder, I would NEVER do this again. If we ever get another dog it will be a rescued shelter dog.

Friday was the best day of the week. The boys are enrolled in KindyRock, choir and sport. It happens every Friday with the other Peel Homeschool families. However, this wasn't your average Friday activities. You see, up the road about a km or 2 was a small bushfire that required the help of 3 fire fighting helicopters, who needed somewhere to land and refill. It just so happened that that place was the oval of the recreation centre where we were! So the children got to see the 3 choppers land on the oval just meters from them. It gets better though. While they were refilling, the firemen allowed the kids to go and climb into the biggest chopper there, and look around! How exciting for the kids. My boys were buzzing with excitement after. Sadly I didn't bring a camera with me on Friday, so you'll have to settle with a photo taken on Jaidan's 3DS XL.

That's about it from me. A few extra pictures, because they were cute. It's amazing how fast your 2 year olds grow up. Tonight is Elijah's second night in his big boy bed. He's toilet trained, sleeping alone, turned him forward facing in his car seat this week too. He's also moved on to drawing real people and playing with big boy Lego! On other big news, he is now a full time kindy boy. No more toddler room at day care, he's up with the big boys where he seems most happy! Where has my baby gone??

 Elijah's pictures of real 'peepees' as he calls them.

After making muffins a few times this week, Elijah thought he'd give it a go himself. Effort, cute. Mess, not so much. 

Elijah with his boat he made from Lego. No Duplo here! 

Accidental fruits. We now have a watermelon plant that has grown from the seeds of discarded watermelon. These kinds of rewards are the best kind! Neglectful gardening sometimes pays off!

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