Sunday, January 27, 2013

What 2013 will hold

This year we're going to get out in the big wide WA and see as much stuff as possible.

We will visit Jenn in Kalgoorlie.
We will camp at Albany (and visit Ruth!)
We will camp at Exmouth

There is a long list of places locally that I want to take the kids too...

Adventure World
The Beach House
Cockburn Ice Arena
Fired! Ceramic Cafe
Armadale Reptile Centre
Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm
Lansdale farm School
Swim with the dolphins @ Wild Encounters
Calamunnda Camel Farm
The Great Escape
Kalamunda Water Park
Rio Tinto Naturescape
Fremantle Chocolate
Margaret River Fudge Factory
Penguin Island
Perth Mint
Alcoa Discovery Centre

Hopefully a lot of these can get ticked off in the next few months because WA is huge and there is so much to see and do!

I'm going to pick one thing each week to visit :)

At this stage we have February planned out.

Perth Mint
Alcoa Discovery Centre and mine tour
Penguin Island
Fired! Ceramic Cafe

If anyone is interested in joining us on any of these outings, just let me know :)  A blog post on each will follow our excursion :)

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