Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The start of our Australia unit

So I decided to have an Australia Unit where we learn about everything to do with Australia. We're starting with how the First Fleet arrived, and the terrible acts against the native Australians. Yesterday we just had a gentle introduction as I wanted to focus on writing practise with my kindy babe and reading/spelling with the others. The pictures tell the story :) 

 Ashton was so proud to be "doing proper school" with the big boys. 

 Adorable? Yes! 

 Ashton practising some of the words we used today with an Upwords board.

 Chase practising his blends and writing with the Upwords board. This was lots of fun! 

 Jaidan with his Australia 3 part cards. The picture, the word, and the description. He enjoyed this. 

 Jaidan reading his Zac Power books. He LOVES these. Read 2 yesterday. I'm so happy to have a child who loves to read as much as me. 

 Ashton practising his writing. I love his face in this. Concentration and super cute chubby 4 year old cheeks. 

 Elijah wanted to get in on the action, so I set him up with some sequencing cards of the Australian Flag. 

 Ashton with his 3 part Australian States cards from here. He's now a whizz at these and knows what they all are and can match them up in no time at all. He really enjoyed these so I'm going to have to try and find some more :) 

I was so super excited yesterday that my order from Kesco arrived! With it, came some Schleich toys, magnetic foam letters and BASE TEN BLOCKS!!! Yay! I've been hanging out to get these to help Chase with the place value concept. Jaidan's a whizz at maths so I'm going to be putting him on Mathletics or Maths Online and focusing on Chase for a while.
I can really recommend this shop. Fast postage by courier, excellent items and VERY cheap. These were only $30! Also have a flat rate postage of $12.90.

We've also started some Easter projects :) We made some Easter Bark which is just melted white chocolate with jelly beans, it's very effective and delicious :) The kids really enjoyed this one! We also made some coconut macaroons which we called Eater Bunny Tails! 

 Making their Easter Bark.

  Eating the finished product. 

Easter Bark.

 Elijah loved this mix and kept on re-dipping his spoon! 

A little while ago I downloaded all these Montessori apps for the iPad. The kids showed NO interest in them, so I removed them all. Then on a whim I reinstalled the animal parts game. Elijah loves it! He played it on and off for a week so I downloaded and paid for the full versions of most of the ones in the store and he's been having a ball. My favourite is the Dinosaur Parts game. They are simple and easy to use, not overrun with colour and noise, and he's really picked up a lot.

\And a last photo because it's beautiful. This was my darling Ashton looking for a book to read together. I couldn't help but snap this photo because he looked really angelic, not anything like his normal, loud, cheeky and boisterous self.

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  1. Love all the activities and fun to see all of your boys :)
    Would love to do an India unit with Aarya as well.