Friday, January 18, 2013

What Does A Homeschool Day Look Like

So inspired by this post, I thought I'd do my own!

Natural learning (otherwise known as unschooling) is what we do. To me, learning should be fun, and natural. Children didn't need to be taught at desks how to walk, they just did it. They didn't need to be taught how to talk, they just learnt words and off they went. We put so much emphasis on teaching children things, but if we allow them the opportunity to learn, they will do so naturally! For us this mean access to hundreds of books, documentaries, apps for their iPad, computer games and the great outdoors.

After a couple of weeks of deschooling the boys, we jumped right in with our unschool practices!

Most days, we will read at least 1 book, I say most because there have been days where we don't read at all, or they will read to themselves, but generally, we sit and read at some point together. Usually it's in the morning, when all the children have jumped into my bed for morning cuddles (yes you CAN fit 5 in a queen bed).

Then we usually pull out some activity. It might be something I've organised the night before like ice painting.

Or it might be something that's from the cupboard, like marble painting.

We learn through play. Maths is no problem when you cook regularly.

Counting money also counts as maths! Especially when you learn to group your money box shrapnel into $1 piles!

We've got nature covered too when we explore things we've collected, like different coloured leaves, at different stages of life. Bark from a tree. Some beautiful frangipanis. These explorations will often lead to discussions on the 'veins in the leaves' and how trees produce oxygen.

We've been known to head down to the local beaches and parks and do some environmental studies. This day we picked up litter while learning about the effects on the marine life.

This linked up well to our ocean learning, how many children fish and read books on the beach as part of their school studies? Mine do!

What about more art?

Or more art?

Yes we LOVE ART!

This is our art set up...

(there is more in that cupboard!) 

We also love tactile play. It might be playing with gloop or water beads, or ice and water. The ideas are endless and a lot of fun!

Sport? Does trampoline jumping and yoga count? What about bike rides? Swimming? Yes? Great!

 We also planted our very own veggie patch which has become a constant source of learning. From how things grow, to the need for water, to what bugs live in the garden. Best of all, there are tasty rewards to be had! Worm farms are also great!

We write, usually one entry into the journal a day. Or letters, postcards etc. It's not essential but it's something I like them to do. Part of natural learning is encouraging learning, but not forcing things they don't feel like doing. A child who chooses to learn is one who will absorb more.

Then there is game time... it might be some iPad apps...

Or a game of Minecraft, which is a favourite.

They also love Reading Eggs, Friv and Cool Math Games. The computer is open for learning at any time of the day.

There is plenty of time to play when you are home schooled.

A trip to the zoo turns into a breeding lesson! 

No more schedules, no more rushing, no more 1 teacher to 30 students. Instead the world is our classroom, and the sky is our limit.

There are also more sleep ins ;)

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