Thursday, December 6, 2012


I used to have a decent amount of time to do as I wish each day. 

Now I barely have time to shower. The life of a mum with 4 kids at home. No more me days. 

It's been a bit of an adjustment this week. Especially when I wanted to go to the movies this week and it dawned on me that if I want to go I'll have to pay for the big 2 to come too. Eek! I've only had one moment of 'go away and leave me alone' though which I think is pretty good and very normal :) 

So what's been happening since I last had a chance to blog in peace? 

We hit the library to get a wide selection of books on the ocean. The kids asked to learn about it, so we did. Also got a massive amount of shells which they loved. We did paintings on things at the beach.

We headed to Perth for a special surprise day I'd planned. For the adventure we took the trains and busses all day. The kids thought it was so fun! We didn't have trains in Tasmania, so this is only the 3rd time they've been on a train. 


First stop for our special surprise day was a trip to Toys R Us for a Lego Make and Take event. They got to make a santa scene and take them home. Completely free! This was fun and educational :)

Next stop was Ellenbrook Rainbow Water Park. This is also completely free and great on a hot day, which is was. There is no accessible bodies of water, just lots of jets spurting out from all over the place, as well as some water guns. The kids had an absolute blast. There is some shade here, and there are BBQ's, so it's a great place to come for lunch or dinner with friends and family. I will say though that seating is very limited, and there was a party when we came so we had to lay on the grass under a shelter. This was okay for my sister and I but probably not for grandpa ;)

A lovely friend forwarded her unwanted popcorn maker to us. We had one in Tasmania which we lost in our house fire. As you can tell Ashton was very excited to use it. As soon as we walked in the door with it he made the first batch all on his own :) Good lessons there for him.

We did some maths with real money :) First the boys one at a time sorted the money into piles of 5s, 10s, and 20s. Then they sorted it into $1 piles with the help of a chart I made up. I coloured over each coin and added how many of that they would need to make $1. They really enjoyed this and it kept each one busy for 30 minutes.

Yesterday we went to our local Bunnings for a family Christmas party they held. The kids each got to paint a wooden Christmas tree while they were there. They also had a sausage sizzle, ice cream, fairy floss on a stick, face painting, a balloon person and a jumping castle. It was all completely free, but it was absolutely packed so we just went in and did a few things and left within half an hour. If you don't already, check out your local Bunnings as they usually hold fun free activities for kids and families :) We normally go on a weekend for their Kids DIY workshop where they make things with wood, plant things in decorated pots, make Go Karts etc. 
So we came home last night with painted wooden trees which I decided we'd decorate today. So I pulled out all the pretty stick on supplies we have, some glue and cotton tips, and away they went. This kept them busy for an HOUR and it looks great on our table. 

On other news, I'm now officially registered as a Home Educator :) 

And for our most exciting news yet! Meet our new puppy. The kids have absolutely no idea they are getting this little baby. On Christmas Eve I am going to allow them to open up a few of their presents... these will be things for the puppy wrapped up. A leash, a collar, a dog bowl and some doggy toys. I can not wait to see their faces. Then they will get to meet him :) It's going to be amazing as they've asked for a puppy for years but I have always said no as I didn't have the time or space to devote to a forever friend. He'll be 11 weeks when we pick him up. He's a Lhasa Apso cross Shitzu and he's the sweetest ball of fluff. I've met and played with his parents and his siblings and they really are a beautiful and sweet dog. I'm very excited.

And to finish off... proof that I finally got some Me Time last night.

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