Monday, October 15, 2012

A new Christmas tradition.

Do you think too much emphasis is put on money items? Presents? Lollies? Trees?

I do.

I've decided I want more for my boys. You don't grow up remembering what you got for Christmas every year. You grow up remembering the fun times you had. The laughs. The closeness to loved ones.

Memories of the time we spent together, not what material items they got. For my boys, this will happen through camping.

I love camping. I love the fresh air, the beach, the fishing, the lazing in the sun, the swimming, the bush walks, sitting in a tent at night talking, exploring new areas and the excitement of it all. I'm not overly fond of the mosquitos, the snakes or the filth, but I will overlook those small issues for the greater good.

So this year, we're off. We will be spending 2 weeks together over the Christmas period.
We won't be having a tree.
We don't be having a million presents. They will get a small Santa sack present (lego), a small present from me (the start of their new collections), some snack foods for the camp out, and their trampoline when they return home.
That's all.
They won't miss out, not at all. We'll have a ball camping. No TV, no internet, no phone, nothing to distract away from our family time.

We'll explore a new part of WA every year. A new adventure to be had wherever we go. My boys will grow up knowing Christmas is family time, and that's what's important. Not how much money was spent buying them the newest computer game.

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    I bet you'll all have a blast!

    I was actually thinking about Christmas earlier on today, what to get the two little ones that will get them outside and having fun. I've decided on a tent. Every time we used to set up the tents in the backyard they'd play for hours. So why not get them one of their own :) So I am!

    Remember to blog your holiday M!